Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The One Hour Nap

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She loves sleep. And being this ever so boring creature that she is, she always tells everyone how this is one of her favourite pastimes. However, she barely gets enough of it. She is tired when she wakes she up in the morning and she she is even more tired when she goes to bed.

Like a child she refuses to take a break during the day, saying that an hour of rest,or merely half an hour, is wasted time. There are so many things she has to do and even more things she wants to do. There are never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. So, why make this tiny time window even smaller? But she is oh so tired...

Then, one afternoon, she lies down on her couch after a long day at work, covers herself with a blanket and starts to listen to a podcast. To make sure she doesn't sleep the entire evening, she sets an alarm. 30 minutes of rest should be just fine, right?
She listens to the podcasts, soon ignoring the voices while slowly drifting away. Then, there is nothing. Just the comfortable warmth of the blanket and the feeling of safety. She wakes up about 2 minutes before her alarmclock, but she immediately feels that it was not enough. She sets another timer, starts another podcasts, and closes her eyes.

This time, her eyes do not open until the alarm starts. She turns it off, takes a big stretch and sits up. With her legs still a bit wobbly she makes her way to the kitchen to drink a big glass of water. Her eyes feel well rested, her mind is calm yet invigorated.

It is one thing to pull yourself together in order to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish, but it is something completely different when you start ignoring what your body needs. This will only slow you down in the long run. So, please make the time to take care of yourself properly. Eat the right foods when you are hungry and close your eyes for a moment, when you feel stressed.

As a high school student I used to tackle my days with about 4-5 hours of sleep a night and no breakfast. I was constantly tired and I carried this habit around with me until university. About a year ago I started to eat breakfast every day, and while I still don't get enough sleep most of the time, I try to give myself some rest when I feel like I really need it. I'm not always a good listener when it comes to my body's needs, but when I do listen I always try to act accordingly.

Listen, allow yourself to take a step back from your duties from time to time.  Create good habits and find the right quick fixes for your deficiencies, and your daily life will be a lot smoother.

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