Saturday, 31 October 2015

On saving Money and spending it (wisely?)

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Money really is a curious thing. A thing we rarely like to talk about.

It feels good to save it and see it accumulate on your bank account.
But sometimes it also feels good to spend it. Especially when talking about things you want simply because they are pretty. Necessities are things we often don't really want to spend money on, but we have to regardless (what about that new washing machine, because the old one broke down?). 
For example, I'd much rather spend my 200€ on a bunch of new books and some nice sweaters instead of getting my car fixed. At this point, I wonder why those necessities alway have to be so bloody expensive?

Anyway, saving money can be quite tricky with all of those temptations around us that literally scream at us: "Buy me!" Lovely clothes, books, candles, music, films... the list is endless.
I have always been quite good at putting at least a bit of money aside. You never know when you are going to need it, right? But I also go through phases of extensive spending. Not to a point where I end up completely broke, but enough to leave me with a feeling of guilt.
This month was one of those months. Again, I'm far from being penniless, but when I think about how much money I spent on clothing and other items this months, it makes me shudder with disgrace. I was so weak! But at the same time I am glad about every single one of my purchases, because I will enjoy every single one of them hopefully for years to come. And who can say no to a lovely flannel on sale?? Sometimes you have to treat yo self (yes, this is me justifying myself and yes, by "sometimes" I mean more than you actually plan to). 

Normally, next month should be a month of abstinence,when it comes to shopping, etc., but with Christmas right around the corner I honestly don't see that happening. I've also had this glorious idea to treat my mum with a short trip to Edinburgh with me. So, there goes my money... but this time it's for the right reasons. It is always easier for me to spend money on the people that I love than on myself. 

Saving money for times when you really need it is always a wise idea, but it should not stop you from treating yourself and your darlings from time to time. There might be bit of guilt involved, but sometimes, the 20€ you spend at the café when meeting up with your friends, can create memories that are much more valuable than those 20€.

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