Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Just a silly Story about falling in Love

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 She was sitting on the bus quietly reading her book. Actually, it was way too heavy to be taken around. In fact, it was so heavy that she had to rest it on her lap in order to read it. Because of the chilliness in the early morning she had put on her dark red tartan scarf which she used now to snuggle up in. The story she was reading was one of the most extraordinary ones she had read in a long time - gallant knights, brutal battles and fairytale creatures. 
But still she was not able to fully immerse in this wonderful fantasy. She knew that she was being watched. She could feel it in every single fiber of her body, from the tips of  her toes all the way to the ends of her hair. This feeling was nerve-wracking, but for the first 5 minutes after noticing it she didn't dare to look up. 
Suddelny the bus came to an abrupt stop at a red light. Her head automatically jerked up in surprise. 
Her eyes were wide open when she looked at the young man sitting opposite of her. His lips were curled into an amused smile, and at that moment she couldn't help but return it. 
Nervously she removed her backpack from  the seat next to her. There was plenty of room to sit on this bus that gloomy Wednesday afternoon. Usually, she was glad when she had some space for herself, but somehow the prospect of having this stranger right next to her was too exciting to let it pass. 
Even though he seemed to hesitate for a second, he suddenly chuckled, got up an made his way toward her. His smile was truly contagious.
"Hi, I'm sorry for bothering you. I couldn't help but notice you and your giant book. I'm Greg. Nice to meet you."

Tomorrow I will probably feel like deleting this truly silly attempt on writing again. I know it is nothing world to shake the literary world, just a little practice to ease myself back into it. 
It is one of those little fantasies that I'm sometimes caught up in - little scenarios of romantic, stereotypical but oh so cute chance encounters with likeable young men. 
I actually wrote a draft for this text on to the first page of my new Muji-notebook. Writing this down really felt like defiling this page, no the entire notebook. This notebook where witty remarks about life and profound observations are supposed to be eternalised. I guess, every great writer started with some silly nonsense. So, let's hope for a better, productive future.

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