Sunday, 11 October 2015

Appreciation Sunday #17

Picture taken by yours truly during today's walk
Sometimes you have this moment where you feel so grown-up you can hardly believe it. And the fact that you actually enjoy it makes it even harder to believe. I had this moment on this lovely Friday evening, when I was chilling on my couch after work.
I had gotten myself a bottle of white wine and since Netflix just uploaded the 2014 season of the Great British Bake Off, I decided to open up this bad boy and just have a good time being by myself. It took me quite a few minutes to realize how sophisticated and mature this whole thing felt. I rarely get a bottle of wine just for myself, but it really is quite enjoyable. It feels a bit like buying flowers for your apartment just because you can and because it makes you feel good. But that's a thing only grown-ups do, right?

Looking back, today also felt like a "I'm feeling so much like an adult right now" kind of day, even though I slept in until 10 a.m. Being a lazybum I didn't do anything that interesting, but I still took some time to be productive. I hopped on the mat for 30 minutes of yoga, I read (which I normally only do before going off to bed) I took a nice walk and bought a piece of cherry cake at the bakery - again because I can, right?
Usually, I like to spend my days off literally doing nothing apart from feeding myself, thinking about feeding myself and watching Netflix and Youtube videos.

So, today was fairly different for me and a lot more enjoyable than last Sunday, which I had spent in a more "age appropriate" fashion:
Curled up on my parent's sofa with the dogs and the worst hangover since that dreadful last night in Korea in 2012 (the one where I decided that it would be a great idea to get drunk the night before a long distance flight - best idea ever!).

Ever since I started this blog I kept lamenting, because growing up is so hard and I still think that's true. The thought of getting older every day and losing that feeling of being young and carefree will always be scary, I guess. However, today I felt very much at ease with myself and the way I am right now. This might change as soon as I start working on my thesis and once I start looking for proper employment, but right now things are pretty good.
I even bought a rug for my bedroom for heaven's sake! If that is not grown-up, what is??

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