Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Human Shapes

Original Picture taken from unsplash
The human body is not shaped perfectly.
There is no flat stomach, no perfectly defined calves, no muscular, round bicep.
Most times there is some excess flesh hanging over the sides of the hips and saggy breasts.

A body can look oval like an egg, with long, thing extremities attached to it.
Sometimes it looks rather plump or stubby.
Also, the shapes can change with every movement and every new perspective.
A body that looks slender from the front might reveal a round belly from the side.

There nothing like the perfect body, even with a rigorous diet and exercising.
Someone will always find a "flaw".
And while we can and should find the time and energy to improve ourselves,  one should refrain from over obsessing. It is impossible to fulfill the needs of everyone else, even though we so often thrive to accomplish that very thing. But sometimes it can be even harder to fulfill our own needs. To be satisfied with our own personal shape. To do justice to our perfect self image.
Achieving this kind of satisfaction is the hardest, as well als the most important accomplishment.

Human shapes are just as diverse as the characters that inhabit them and people should learn to accept that. Not only when it comes to others, but in particular in regard to themselves.

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