Monday, 13 July 2015

Where the heck am I?? [a long overdue update]

Picture taken by yours truly
So, I'm just sitting in my dorm room at Yonsei University in Seoul, casually writing my first blog entry in over a month.
Wait what??

Sometimes life takes quite a few unexpected turns and suddenly you find yourself in places you never even anticipated. You ask yourself when this happened. And how?
This is what I am doing as of right now.

It all started in the middle of May, when my professor sent me an e-mail, asking me if was interested in going to Korea for a Summer School program. What a silly question! Hell yeah, I could have packed my bags the moment I read this message! And I'd love to say, that things were that easy, but in fact there were quite a few times when I was certain, that this wouldn't happen. There were just too many misunderstandings and problems and I still have my job, but well... as you can see, in the end it worked out just fine.

Still, it is unbelievable, that almost half of this program is already over for me. I arrived in Seoul on the 30th of June an my plane back home will depart on the 30th of July.
Walkig along the top of Inwangsan - so windy!!
Even on the day, I actually took my seat on the plane and fastened my seatbelt, it felt so unreal. As if I wasn't really going. And yet, here I am. I have already written my first midterm exam. My second one will be on Thursday. I have eaten lots and lots of delicious food and wandered up and down Inwangsan and Ansan, constantly reminded of my trip with my friends to Bukhansan which I could see in the distance.
The little shark fin in the back? That's Bukhansan
I have not really made any new friends. I don't really seem to fit into these groups of people, who are apparently from the same universities and are so different from me. Despite all this, I am not lonely. I get along very well with my roommate, whom I still know from university and we befriended a lovely girl from the stated, who is such a pleasure to be with.
Bossam for dinner
I always tend to see myself as someone who likes to live in the past. The first thought, that rushed through my mind, when I received the offer, was: Daegu 2012! In a way, I had this silly, naive dream of in a way recreating my summer school trip 2012, which was until now the best time of my life. Even thinking about it right now makes me unbelievably nostalgic, and yes, a bit sad.
The past can not be relived. It can only be cherished and remembered.
So far the best Tonkatsu I've had in Korea
And while this experience is so much more different than what I imagined, I couldn't be happier. It is my last chance to experience something like this before graduating for good. I was always too afraid to go abroad for a whole year, or even just a term and I can't help but wonder, if I have missed out on too many things.

I am planning to make the most out of the two weeks I have still left, because when life does you a favour, you shouldn't let it go to waste, right?

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