Saturday, 25 April 2015

Spring has sprung & enjoying the sweet Life

 Spring is one of the most curious seasons of the four (next to autumn if you ask me). Especially in its early days.
The mornings are cold and crisp. During the day it often gets warm enough to take off your jacket (and if you are like me you already start sweating like a piggy). And when you leave the house in the late evening, it is cold again.
But recently was one of those nights, where you left the house and it was still slightly warm. Even the wind was nothing more than a soothing breeze. The air smelled like grass and the warmth of the streets. It was such a divine feeling!

I always like to stress the fact, that I am a winter kinda gal and it is still true, but I also like spring. I love it, when everything comes back to life, because it makes me feel more energetic as well. Things just get problematic for me when there is too much sun and too much heat.

So, a few days ago some friends and I met up to take a look at the cherryblossom trees in our city which are in full bloom right now. We started off our tour with some handmade ice cream from the "Eislabor" (salted caramel and yoghurt ftw!) and took a little stroll through the old city centre. The view was truly amazing. The trees line almost every street and there were so many people sitting outside or taking pictures.
It was just a very peaceful, lighthearted atmosphere that gave you an instant boost of happiness.

This picture was actually taken around my neighbourhood, which is also very beautiful at the moment
It is quite amazing how photos one can take of basically the same thing without getting tired of it. It reminded me of my trip to Tokyo two years ago when I spent ages photographing the cherryblossom trees there.
Oh, the sweet, sweet memories...

What have you been enjoying lately?

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