Sunday, 26 April 2015

Appreciation Sunday #14

 Long time no Appreciation Sunday!

For the past few months,I had been in quite a rut. I had no inspiration whatsoever (but not only for blogging). I guess it was a result of all the uncertainty due to my job search, university and a general feeling of being lost. Only recently I have started to get back on track.

Naturally, I am glad that I have found a new job. It is still a bit of a challenge, but I enjoy it.Every day it forces me to interact with a lot of people I don't know. So, it is definitely out of my comfort zone, which makes it even better that I got this chance. The chance to expand my horizon and experience something new. Who knows when I am going to benefit from this?

On another note, I met up with a very good friend of mine. She had moved to Munich more than half a year ago, so we rarely get to see each other in person. It was a wonderful day. We took a long walk and later on had a BBQ with lots and lots of good food. 

I've also been a lot into trying new things in the kitchen, such as these little babies:
They are basically like banana-oats-cookies. Very filling and a good breakfast choice.

Excercise-wise I've been quite diligent (yay me!). I go to my aerobics-class once a week, as well as to zumba-step, which is SO, SO, SO exhausting, but super-fun. In addition to that I try to work out at home two times a week. Fitnessblender just got me hooked!

So, on the whole, things have been going quite well for me. University is torture, because there is so much to do, but everything else is pretty amazing. The thought I will be through with uni in about a year scares me to death, but on the other side I think it is finally time, that I become fully independent.
In a year, things might be difficult, but in two years, maybe I have a job, a point to start and this prospect excites me quite a lot.

What have you been enjoying lately?

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