Monday, 30 March 2015

The Queen of Procrastination discovers the World of "studyblrs"

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To me, tumblr is one of the most amazing places on the internet. I could spend hours browsing one after another. My favourite aspect about tthis platform is the fact that each and everyone of them is just as unique and diverse as the person behind it. Of course some of them share similar themes or topics. So certain images and quotes might appear more than once. Still, they are all a bit different. 

While I like to get my daily dose of books, history and (of course) foodporn, I recently came across another type of tumblr that weirdly struck my fancy:

I'm talking about studyblrs

On a sidenote: At school and even uni I was never the kind of person to truly enjoy studying. Because my freetime was so precious to me, I never invested more time into my education than necessary. That being said, I was not a bad student. Looking back I just think, that I never really fulfilled my potential

I've always enjoyed organizing, making lists and using a lot of coloured pens - more than the actual process of studying itself. Organizing is my fancy way to procrastinate. Lists help me put everything into perspective, but I rarely finish them. And well, I love writing in different colours, because it is pretty; not because I have figured out an intelligent kind of colour code for my notes. 

On these studyblrs people post pictures of their perfectly organized workspaces. They share their goals and ambitions. They motivate each other and basically indulge in this whole world where hard work is not only rewarding, but (apparently) fun
Despite my many failings as a student, I feel weirdly connected to this whole concept.

Yes, they do make me feel more inferior than motivated, but I enjoy looking at those perfect study notes, tidy desks and neat post-its. It feels as if I am projecting my own hidden ambitions on someone else. Someone who seems like he has already figured his life out, who knows how to get what he wants. 
In a pretty, aesthetic way.

My main obsession at the moment is aspiring hermione.
The photos she blogs and reblogs are study-perfection come to life. Apart from that she seems to be utterly ambitious. 

I know that I will never be the next Leslie Knope, who is always well prepared for every occasion. 
Always thorough. Always on point.
But there is no harm in valuing this trait in others, right?
After all a bit of daydreaming should always be allowed. 

What is your latest tumblr-obsession?
Also, would you be interested in reading some more about my other tumblr-crushes?

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