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What Blogtober taught me [Blogtober 2014 #16]

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 It's Halloween tonight. This means that we are facing the end of the month of October and with it the end of Blogtober. Because it is the first time that I actually commited to posting on a regular basis for a longer period of time I feel like sharing what I learned from this little challenge.

Planning blogposts
I already diminished the amount of blogposts for this month by cutting it in half, because I knew that 31 blogposts would be too much for me. This was supposed to be a challenge, but nothing to stress me out too much. However with 16 posts to write I had to do some planning beforehand nonetheless. I mapped out a few posts in advance, but I did not plan the whole month. In the end I was fine with this rough frame, but I have to admit that 31do  posts need a lot more organisation.

Before starting this challenge I made of list of potential topics to talk about. Once October started I had a cheat-sheet with about 30 ideas already on hand, but I only used about 5 to 7 of them. Everything else was rather spontaneous - a bunch of sudden ideas.
My biggest worry was to run out of good ideas to write about and I am very glad that this problem never really occured to me. There was always something to write about.

Being on a schedule
To upload a post every other day turned out to be probably my best choice during this challenge. It kept me busy, but not to a point where it became stressful. Even though I always tried to publish content at least two times a week this schedule forced me to develop a steady working routine. I still had a lot of time for other things, but almost everyday I had to sit down and do something for my blog, too.
I guess that now that I am in the flow of things it would not be a problem to keep it going, but I encountered one major downside:

Losing sight of my writing priorities
Generally it was not difficult to come up with ideas, but towards the end of this journey I found that my priorities had changed. In order to publish my post on time I sometimes chose to write about something that has no deeper meaning to me just for the sake of uploading something. This doesn't mean that I was not satisfied with the way the text turned out, but it was not entirely me.
I like to read about lifestyle related topics, beauty and fashion, but I do not feel like I am in the position to write about it myself. It does not come from the bottom of my heart to be honest.
Before this challenge I was used to write less, but about more personal things, things that really moved me.

What I learned
It was fun to try out different things to write about this past month. Some of them worked, some of them didn't. I learned that it is better for me and my conscience to post less frequently, but about themes I personally care about.
This lesson was very useful for my and I enjoyed it a lot, but I think it's time to go back to my old self when it comes to blogging - just with a bit more books. Because I love them. I really do.

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