Sunday, 19 October 2014

Thoughts on "5th Avenue, 5 a.m." [Blogtober 2014 #10]

 I had been meaning to read this book for quite a while, but somehow something always got in the way: either another book or I was too busy with other things.
But as I was running out of my currents reads quite quickly during the past few weeks I made an order for some fresh supply.

On Saturday last week "5th Avenue, 5 a.m." finally arrived in my mailbox and I devoured it! After my rather sobering experience with "Wuthering Heights" this was just the kind of read that I needed:

Casually written, informative and fun

In his book Wasson describes the making of the film version of Truman Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Starting with the early negotiations he moves over to the problematic realisation of Capote's polarizing novel and finally deals with the aftermaths of it's release.

I always knew that the production of "Tiffany's" was not easy at that time. The fact that Audrey Hepburn should play a call girl and was not even Capote's favourite choice for the role of Holly Golightly was only the tip of the iceberg.
The cover of the book's edition from 2013 (my favourite actually)
To fully explain the problems that occured during the making and their origins, Wasson tends to go back in time far beyond the actual production period, dealing with Audrey's first moves as an actress as well as with Truman Capote's eventful youth. Sometimes I was afraid that Wasson would lose sight of the central theme of his book and overindulge in details, but he always surprised me, because every time travel eventually led back to "Tiffany's" - sometimes it just took a bit longer.

Another pleasing surprise were the notes at the end of the book. There were not a simple enumeration of the sources Wasson used. He gave a lot of more additional information about them, also stating how helpful they were during his research - thus providing an interesting insight into his own work.

5 a.m. is a very quick and easy read and ultimately one of my favourite reads this year so far.

What was your favourite book in 2014 so far?

P.s. Peanut butter cups really are the bomb!

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