Thursday, 9 October 2014

There is always room for improvement [Blogtober 2014 #5]

Just like this poorly shot photo. Sorry, guys!
 There is this old, cliché saying called "nobody's perfect" and certainly all of us have some flaws we definitely know about, but can not be bothered to change.
What we are dealing with here are mainly bad habits and to be honest: I have a lot of them. This is just a small compilation of the things I really, really should do, but somehow never really manage.

1. Washing my vegetables/fruits: 
Do you know that? Sometimes you stand in front of your fridge and nothing really appeals to you at that moment, but you still want to eat something. Then you spot this little bowl of cocktail tomatoes, take one and eat it. Just like that. This might occur a second or even a third time withing the next 30 minutes.
In fact this is a really bad habit of mine - whenever I just snack on veggies or fruits I don't wash them. You can never know what kind of chemicals they use, but somehow I always "forget".

2. Taking out the trash: 
"Hm, if I push all of this a bit together I might be able to fit this can in." this thought comes to me at least once a week. Of course taking out the trash is nothing too dramatic. Normally it takes less than two minutes, because in most cases you can take it with you when you are about to leave anyway. But still, it is one of the tasks around the house I dread the most (next to cleaning the bathroom) however small it might be.

3. Keeping up a healthy study-routine: 
Everybody knows that cramming is not good for you and people always say that you don't just learn for a test or an exam, but for life. Well, throughout the past years, I was not very successful at transferring knowledge into my long-term memory. Instead of memorizing useful vocabulary my brain can safe entire film-conversations.
But somehow I just can't manage it to sit down for an hour and a half to do some diligent studying. Shame. on. Me.

4. Socializing: 
I have often stressed that I am in some way a lone wolf. Instead of searching the company of other people, I enjoy to stay by myself. This in itself might not be a bad thing, for one should always be able to have a good time alone, but it is equally important to go out, meet some friends or even get to know new people.
While I like doing the first, I rather dread the last one. Meeting new people makes me feel too nervous to be honest and sometimes I even tend to avoid a get-together with a friend for the sake of being alone.

What are your bad habits?

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