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The intimidating sound of heels [Blogtober 2014 #7]

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 "Real women wear heels." this thought has always been part of my perception of the female sex for as long as I can remember. The first time that I conciously came to this conclusion was while watching the old Hollywood classics with my mother were elegant women in perfectly tailored suits and dresses strutted down the street - with their heels clacking rhythmically on the pavement.

Nowadays heels are not a requirement for our daily life, because compared to the women in these films, we have a lot more options to choose from: ballet flats, booties, loafers, oxfords or even a simple pair of trainers and while I adore all of them a pump is to me still the embodiment of femininity.
But the thing with heels is that I can not wear them at all. The reason being is not only the fact that I am unable to walk in them. My main issue with them is that they are so intimidating! Heels are for grown up, working, independent women. I am just a 23 years old university student who prefers to stay unnoticed and let us be honest right now:
Heels attract attention. 
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The sound they make when they hit the floor, the way they influence your walk and your entire posture immediately call for attention. They require a certain degree of self-confidence - something I apparently have to work on.

I do not want to be heard on the hallway 30 seconds before people actually see me. Instead I prefer to be unnoticed - like a cat crawling through the grass in a backyard. So, whenever I see a woman with a pair of tasteful heels covering their feet I do not feel jealous, because they can pull it off and I can't, but because I admire them for this ability.
And let's face it: in comparison to a pair of Converse, heels -  no matter how high - are not always the most comfortable thing to wear. It can take a lot of endurance.

But just to get one thing straight: all of this doesn't mean that flats can not be attractive or womanly, but heels have an entirely different vibe to them which makes them so special on other people for me. Personally, I will stick to my beloved oxfords, when I want to be really fancy.

What pair of shoes are you most confident in and how do you feel about wearing heels?

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