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My Top 5 Dream Destinations [Blogtober 2014 #11]

Travelling is one of my favourite activities (as you could already see in my post about Wanderlust), but because it is quite expensive I can't devote myself as much to it as I would like to.
The list of my visited places is growing, but it can't keep up with the list of places I still want to see. Here is an overview of my top 5 dream destinations in no particular order.

Venice, Rome & Florence
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At this point I have to admit something to you: The day I got a PS3 for Christmas a few years back, I turned into a huge Assassin's Creed fangirl. The second game is by far my favourite of the bunch and it is basically all because of Venice:
The setting, the music and running over the rooftops of the city while casually whacking some guards was perfection. I have always been interested in Italy and it's history, but this game made the urge to go there so much more pressing.
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 Of course I know that Venice is overflowing with tourists and it is also supposed to have a very particular smell to it, but one day I would love to experience this sensation of getting lost the narrow streets and canals, marvelling at the architecture and dreaming about the past.
The same goes for Rome and Florence:
The arts, the history, the architecture and of course the divine food - all waiting for me!

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Being a major in Asian Studies with a focus on Japan this has to be mentioned. Last year I went to Tokyo for two weeks which was pretty crazy and a bit of a culture shock, but I had a wonderful time there. Nevertheless I would also like to experience a more traditional (also somewhat stereotype) site and Kyoto as the old residence of the Tennô is perfect for that. As a foreigner my views about Kyoto are filled with positive prejudices. It is a symbol for the "old" Japan before the Meiji-era, when everything seemed to be about beauty, geishas and sophistication (to put it bluntly). Of course I want to see this rather cliché side of Japan, but I also want to see Kyoto in it's true colours.
My preferred season to visit this city is without a doubt autumn, because that's when Japan offers it's most astonishing views of nature. Also, I am not very fond of the boiling hot summer temperatures.

British Columbia
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I have always been a child of nature and solitude. While I enjoy the comforts of living in a bigger city, I like to escape from time to time to discover the beauties of nature:
Mountains, hills, forests and lakes as far as the eye can see.
Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but this is how I have always imagined this part of Canada to be. It seems to be the perfect place to go for long walks and leave all of the ordeals that come with living in the city behind.

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For a considerable amount of time Great Britain has been one of my favourite destinations, because it is easily accessible and financially manageable. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit Ireland so far - a condition I plan to change as soon as possible. Similar to Edinburgh I imagine Dublin to be a wonderful playground for a history lover like me. Plus it is the place of birth of Oscar Wilde (who is to me one of the most interesting personalities in literature). I want to wander the streets he used to walk on, visit tons of museums and stroll from one café to the next bookshop.

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This is so different from every other place on my list. Most of my destinations are culturally or historically oriented, but Bali belongs to an entirely different category. To me it is a place to relax and let go. Long, white beaches, the crystal blue sea and palms swaying in the wind. It is the place where I want to lie in my hammock and read all day or discover the richness of it's nature.

What are you dream destinations?

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