Sunday, 5 October 2014

Beloved Blogs and Tumblrs [Blogtober 2014 #3]

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 Every day I spend a considerable amount of time reading blogs and browsing through a compilation of tumblrs and while some of these reads are interchangeable, there are a few that have been with me for a while. And because I know that many of you are always on the hunt for something new (just like me) I thought: "Why not share my all time favourites?"

The first three tumblrs actually belong to the same category. Updated almost on a daily basis "A blog with a view", "Chambaron" and "Royal Rory" share their love for Downton Abbey, classic literature, Doctor Who and everything British and classy. If you ever feel like you are in need of a little escapism, these are the places for you to go to.

On a more personal note I adore the blog "megfee". This has been a favourite of mine for a long, long time now. Meg's art of writing is exquisite. Simple happenings or emotions turn into moving stories. She knows how to find the words for things that are sometimes so hard to describe while staying relateable at all times. This blog is about all those big and small heartbreaks that come with life and about not letting them crush you.

Being a food lover at heart I can not put this list out there without some food porn. "Berries . Citrus . Avocado" is the perfect source for beautifully shot food pictures. It doesn't matter if you are looking for something sweet or savoury - this tumblr has got it all!
And in case you are looking for simple, but good recipes, go to "bite these goodies". 

On the more healthy side of things, that's where you will find "But First, Breakfast". Over there the lovely Brit girl Sophie shares her experiences on her way to a fit and healthy lifestyle, also offering some good advice along the way.

Last but not least is another all time favourite: "Jess in a Yellow Dress". If you share my love for old Hollywood classics, books and Europe's royals, this is the perfect read for you. It also offers some nice insights about the life in Halifax, Canada.

What are your all time favourite blogs/tumblrs?

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