Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bar Conversations gone wrong [Blogtober 2014 #15]

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This weekend I spent a lovely evening with an old schooldfriend of mine.
We caught up on life and after dinner we headed down to a bar to grab some drinks and chat some more. It is one of my favourite places in our hometown, because the drinks are amazing, affordable, the people there are pretty laid-back and the overall atmosphere is quite relaxing.

Well, at least that's what it's normally like. This time things were a bit different.

We were alone for maybe 10 minutes when a group of Welsh guys joined us. Obviously they wanted to hook up with us. That's why people approach other people at a bar/club, right? We chatted for quite a while and I have to admit that it was fun, but in contrast to them we were not looking for someone to go home with (my friend is already taken and none of these guys was my type).

Eventually one of them lost his interest in me as the conversation was kind of stumbling. So, one of his friends took over. Again there was some chatting and laughing going on, but then things got awkward and a little bit touchy:

I don't even know where that came from, but right in the middle of the conversation he suddenly bent over and stopped with his lips right in front of mine. I instantly knew that he wanted to kiss me, but my first reaction was to stare at him.
My entire body froze, because I was so shocked.
Once I got a hold of myself again, I gently pushed him away and told him that this was not going to happen. He said, that it was okay, but I was still quite defensive - unable to restart a normal conversation because he kept smiling at me in such a strange way. The whole situation was very uncomfortable for me, because from time to time his hand reached out to touch my side or even my butt, but I refused every time telling him that I did not like it. 

When they finally left to go dancing I was so relieved, but I wondered: "I told him that I was not interested, but why was he so desperate to try it again and again?" Isn't that frustrating? And also, is it impossible to talk to a stranger at a bar just for the sake of a good talk? My friend assumed that it might be a cultural difference and that maybe girls in Britain who go out (all dolled up) often also look for a potential mating partner.

Well, if I met an interesting guy I would be last one to say no, but I am not conciously looking for someone and as long as I don't feel that special kind of chemistry there won't be any kissing with a stranger going on - ever!

So, after these fellows had left we were joined by another guy (maybe Indian or Pakistani). He had been creeping around the place alone the entire evening and was on the hunt as well. He was interested in my friend and when he came over he tried to make her laugh with a very bad joke:

"Why don't blind people go skydiving?"
[insert awkward silence]
"Because it scares their dogs!"

What the fuck? This joke was not funny and after a few minutes he left - thank God for that! But when he came back he tried to initiate a conversation with a joke even worse than the first one. The third time he tried out the first one again. Yes, he was very drunk. Almost desperately my friend tried to get rid of him and told him that she had absolutely no interest in him. Both of us were quite bugged out at that point. So, when I tried to convince him to go, he looked at me (after he had ignored me the entire time before) and said:
 "I'm not talking to you."

Are you kidding me?? I was actually stunned for a moment. Of course I know that he was after her, but he was a nuisance, so I had to intervene. When he left us for good he was quite pissed and we also took our leave shortly after. It was 2 a.m. anyway.

 In the end we had a lot of fun when we discussed this very strange evening on our way home, but I had to ask myself why it is always me who ends up with the creepy guys? I mean, why am I never approached by the nice ones? The ones I might actually be interested in? When it comes to confidence this is a real bummer... but at least an entertaining one.

What is your weidest going-out-experience? Has something like that ever happened to you before?

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