Saturday, 11 October 2014

10 little but sweet daily pleasures [Blogtober 2014 #6]

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As a matter of fact life does not only consist of big events. It is not just about waiting for the next holiday or event, but also about embracing all of the smaller pleasures we can enjoy (almost) every single day.  Sometimes they are unexpected and sometimes they are so pleasurable because they are something familiar and consistent - something reliable.

Here are 10 pleasures from my daily life:

 1. Crèpes as a weekend breakfast

 2. Spending time at a bookshop browsing the shelves and discovering new books

 3. The sound of rain while you are lying comfortably in your bed

 4.  Enjoying a well deserved meal after a long day

 5. Taking a walk through the city in the late afternoon

 6. Spending some quality time with your best friends (preferably with some good food to go with it)

 7. The uplifting feeling after watching an incredible film for the first time

 8. Getting rid of your bra and jumping into your pyjama-pants after work

 9. The feeling of a soft, warm jumper on bare skin

10. Finding a new, precious piece at a flea market

What makes your daily life pleasurable?

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