Monday, 15 September 2014

What blogging means to me

In recent years blogging has lost a lot of its innocence.
Of course I am not the first one to observe this development and I do not want to complain. I just want to share my feelings about this subject.

When I had my first blog years and years ago blogging was a simple way for people to write about what they thought and to connect with other people. Today it is the still the same, but things got a lot more commercialised. There are actual careers made from this segment which is a good thing.

After all people are enabled to do what they love and make a living from it. However it also means that some people start blogging primarily for the money - to put it bluntly. This is not supposed to be an accusation, because to me those who succeed with creating something that lucrative from their passion might be among the luckiest people on earth.
Busy and always working, but utterly happy.

On the other hand I cannot deny that I sometimes ask myself why everything seems to turn into a competition? Most blogs tend to look so damn professional - and the photographies to editorial. It feels like flipping through a high quality magazine.
This tendency can create pressure, because one might feel like his/her own voice gets lost in this endless sea of perfectly presented blogs.

Yes, I feel this pressure sometimes as well, but then I wonder:
"What for? What are you actually worrying about?"
This blog is not a way for me to gain money or prestige, but an outlet where I can release everything that occupies my mind. If someone stumbles across this little island and agrees with me, feels inspired or simply starts to think about things differently, I am glad. If I am all alone in here, it's fine too. At least I was able to ease my mind.

Some of you might ask now:
"Then why are you writing a blog? Wouldn't a simple journal be enough?"

Actually, the answer is yes and in fact I am just getting started to writing by hand again, because I was afraid of it for a long time, but as I said before a blog offers the possibility of interaction. It doesn't matter if there are real interactions or just people who read my texts and think about them.
I will be read and the thought that I might be able to change even little things is exciting.

This blog is not about fame, popularity or money.
It is about me, my weird mind and about all of you crazy people out there who are like me.

What do you think about the shift in the blogging world? Why do you blog?

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