Friday, 8 August 2014

Things to do on holiday [Rain Edition]

When we are on holiday we always hope for the best weather, so we can go outside, explore the unknown surroundings and just do things we might not do in our normal daily life. However the weather often takes a different, not very much appreciated turn and forecasts are not always reliable.
On some days you wake up and it rains cats and dogs. So, what can one do to chase the clouds away or at least avoid death by boredom?

1. This might be the most obvious one: If you have access to a computer and a working internet connection, you can obviously kill a lot of time by browsing the internet, maybe contacting some friends and update them about your holiday so far.

2. Reading. To me, rainy days are the perfect occasion to read a good book, because they create the perfect mood and along the same lines goes writing. Rain inspires me a lot. Maybe you feel the urge to write something down, too? It doesn't have to be an epic novel after all.

3. On rainy days most people tend to stay at home, so in case you still feel like going out, grab your raincoat and an umbrella and go outside. Sometimes a different weather can offer an entirely different view of certain places you will most likely have a lot more space for yourself.

4. With reference to my last tip I want to talk about museums. Especially in bigger cities museums are a great way to spend rainy days. You can hop from one place to the next one, getting your dose of cultural experience for that day and top it off with a visit to a nice café or restaurant.

5. Working out. I know, I know. Most of us see a holiday as a chance to let go a little bit. When you are quite active and healthy in your daily life, going away for a few days is a chance to slow down. However just 30 minutes of yoga or pilates doesn't hurt, right?

6. If you belong to those people who take tons of pictures you can take this opportunity to go through your photographs. That way you can recall all the things you have done so far and sort out the pictures you don't want to keep.

7. Get some organisation stuff done. Sometimes holidays can be quite busy, because you get up early and run around until the afternoon or evening hours and once you're at the hotel, you are exhausted. On a rainy day you can plan the next few days in more detail - for example when you are planning a longer tour.

These are the first pieces of advice that came to me. Except for the first 2 days we had a lot of luck with the weather so far, but who knows what it will be like the day after tomorrow?

What is your advice for activities on a rainy day?

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