Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Surviving University Fuss-Free

University has been the best time of my life so far and while this phase is very liberating I think there are a lot of stumbling stones as well, especially for those who are just starting out, because there are so many new aspects in your life you have to balance out.
But after over three years of unversity-experience I have finally managed to establish a lifestyle that works pretty well for me and my needs.

 Budgeting: To me money has always been one of the major issues, mainly because there are a lot more people who want to rip my money out of my pockets: rent, food, car, university, parties, clothes etc.
So, what helped me the most was to sit down and write down my income as well as my regular outgoings. According to that I determined a budget for every week which I can spend on groceries and hobbies. Furthermore I write down all of my spendings in a little book so I don't lose sight of my financial situation.
Get Moving: Oh, the freshman 15. Luckily I was never really troubled by this dreadful phenomenon, but I noticed that it is a lot harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle once your PE teacher doesn't force you to run ten times around the block anymore. Honestly I enjoyed not having to work out for a while, but trust me, you will need some kind of equalisation for sitting on your butt all day.
It doesn't matter if it is just thirty minutes a day - go out and do something, find some kind of physical activity that you enjoy.
Personally, I enjoy Cassey Ho's Blogilates-videos a lot as well as the Tone It Up routines.
Aside from these two fitness gems Yoga with Adriene is a great channel to learn some yoga basics as well as fun vinyasas.
My third recommendation for working out at home are the videos from Jessica Smith TV which include great walking work-outs as well as some toning without a lot of equipment.
So, no excuses, okay?

Food Essentials: My very first basic food would be frozen veggies. "What? Are you kidding me?" I know, what you think, but read on first. If you have access to a freezer in your apartment or dorm, do yourself a favour and buy some frozen veggies (I love a mixture of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots). They are easy to store and make sure that you always have something healthy on hand - even if you only use them to upgrade your ramen (another handy food to keep actually).
 Secondly bananas are always great to have on hand. Wether you are craving something sweet and filling during your all-nighter or you want something to add to your porridge to give it more texture and flavour.
Which brings me to my third food essential: Oats. Just like frozen vegetables they are easy to store and they arefull of good nutrients that keep you full and satisfied. Use them for porridge, add them to your yoghurt or make your own granola/muesli. Oats are always a good idea!

Get Your Shit Done: One should always practice what one preaches, so I am not going to tell you to write your essays etc. right away. Instead I found it helpful to set myself some deadlines for more complex assignments in order to not forget about them. Also I try to get smaller ones out of the way as soon as possible, meaning the same day or the day after. Otherwise I just end up doing them on the last day possible.
So: get your shit done and then have some fun, right?
Take Your Time: Do not start your first term stressing yourself out with too many courses and commitments. University is also the time to explore yourself and what you want from your life, so take some time to actually listen. This course is not your cup of tea after all? Screw it and start something new. You are still young and should make use of the possibilities you are given.
After rushing through my bachelor's degree, I decided to extend my master's degree, so I can manage work and uni without risking a burn-out.

Find A Passion: Apart from university it is always nice to find a reliable hobby, that will take your mind off of your daily duties and help you procrastinate a little bit when you need it. To me rediscovering writing turned out to be my personal saviour. Procrastination is permitted and every once in a while you should allow yourself to fully indulge in a whole evening of gaming, reading or binge-watching TV.

Don't Forget Your Roots: It is an exciting thing to move away from home, maybe move in woth some friends or even manage your own household, but one should never forget family and friends at home. Call them or send them a message every once in a while just so they know how you are doing.

These are my personal essentials to happy, balanced life at uni. Of course there is always room for improvement. I still love to procrastinate way too much and I am not always very thorough with my studies, but in the end I am quite satisfied.

What are your tips to get through university life?

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