Sunday, 10 August 2014

Appreciation Sunday #9

After the first week in Bavaria it is time to sum up a few highlights of our trip so far:

The castle of Hohenschwangau: Even though we did not have the chance to take a tour through Neuschwanstein yet, my mother and I took one through Hohenschwangau - the castle where Ludwig II. had spent his childhood.
The tour was set in the evening as the last one for that day and it took almost two hours. I was actually quite surprised about how much I liked it, because people rarely talk about this place compared to Neuschwanstein. If you have the time to see both castles, you should not let this opportunity go to waste!
Walks: There is definitely no time and not enough space to talk about all of the walks we have made so far, but let me tell you, that there are SO many possibilities for either more challenging or relaxing walks. We went up and down a few hills/smaller mountains, through forests and valleys. I had sore legs a few times already, so I don't feel as bad about skipping my usual workout routine, which is a nice side effect.
The food: The food in Bavaria is excellent. It is nothing for those who are trying to keep a small waist, but it is oh so good! Schnitzel, Spätzle, Knödel, Sauerkraut, creamy sauces and Leberkäse... these things literally scream "Fat!" and "Carbs!" at you, but hey - I'm on holiday after all, right?

Silence: Hohenschwangau is a very busy and touristy place. Every day tons of tourists come to see the castles, but the good news? That's it. Everything else can be enjoyed almost in absolute silence without many other encounters. You only have to take one turn left and suddenly you're away from all that bustle. We were a bit worried when we arrived, but now we are quite satisfied with our location.

We are going to stay in Hohenschwangau until next Saturday, so stay tuned for more in the upcoming days.

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