Sunday, 3 August 2014

Appreciation Sunday #8 // Welcome to Bavaria

 Yesterday morning my parents, the dogs and I packed our things into the car and drove off to Hohenschwangau, Bavaria - our first holiday together in years.
Throughout the entire week I had been beyond excitement: Ludwig's castles, forests, mountains and long, green valleys.Those were the things I have always dreamed of and which enforced my imagination.

It took us eight hours to arrive at our destination and we were greeted by the wonderful Alps and a heavy rain.
The nearby "Pöllatschlucht": very loud, but still amazing
Today after a good night's sleep we made our first tour to discover our surroundings:

Schloss Neuschwanstein was our first stop, even though we did not go inside this time (photos will follow in a latr post). Sundays are simply too busy.
Then we went around the Alpsee, a lake which offers a good view over the castles Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein. At first everything was very crowded, because of all the tourists who came from all over the world, but after a while there were only few encounters with other people.
The view ofver the Alpsee
The view was from every angle truly astonishing. On the one side you have the mountains and on the other side the the two famous castles. The water was so blue and clear you could see little fishes swimming. The mountaintops were covered by a light layer of mist. The whole scenery looked like a painting.
The sound of thunder announced the approaching storm until it finally started to rain. Once we arrived at our aparment our trousers, shoes and socks were soaking wet.
My parents complained greatly about this "unfortunate" weather, but it was very much to my liking. Of course I did not like the feeling of wet undies, but the lake looked simply beautiful with the rain disrupting the surface and the mist coming closer and closer to the water.
The mountaintops were invisible because of the mist
I find it easy to imagine how novelists feel the urge to sit down and write something in this kind of surrounding, because it conveys so many emotions. It is romantic, mysterious, historic and beautiful and I can not wait to discover even more during the next two weeks.

What are you grateful for this week? 

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