Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A walk through the mountains

 Yesterday we had a very lucky day when it comes to the weather, so we decided to take a trip further up. Up, up, up to 1720 metres. I am talking about the Tegelberg. Of course we could not walk up there having the pugs with us, so we took the cableway.
Up on top we were deserved after this "hard walk" with a great view over the valley on the one side and mountains on the other and of course we had the opportunity to drink a cold beer.

On our way back we decided to walk not only because the cableway is quite expensive (12€ to go up, 19€ with return per person), but also to enjoy the rich nature we found ourselves in.
We took the longer path back to Hohenschwangau, because it is easier and when you either have dogs or children with you I would definitely advise you to take this path. Further up are a few places which are a bit tricky, but manageable and from then on it is a fairly easy descent.
The lake in the background is the lake we surrounded the day before
Our walk took us down the mountain with an amazing panorama, no matter where you looked. The path was seamed with long grass and wild flowers. Every now and again you could hear a little stream of fresh, cold water flowing while butterflies surrounded you at every corner.
Sometimes it is worth it to take a look back
The path curled through the range covering a rather long distance and the further down we went the more trees appeared until we reached a more forest-like area.
 During this long, but highly enjoyable journey we encountered hardly any stranger, so most of the time we could enjoy this wonderful view just by ourselves.
However towards the end we came to the Marienbr√ľcke - the bridge from which you can see Neuschwanstein castle and there was the usual struggle with crowds of tourists. The view was still pretty amazing.
All in all our walk down the Tegelberg to the bridge took us about four hours with a few breaks for the pugs to refresh themselves and I would do it again at any time.

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