Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Perfect Night

I am lying on my bed as the rain is pouring down heavily, making a soft sound as it is hitting my window. Occasionally there is the low growling of thunder.
I pulled away the curtains to get a better view of the night sky being lit up. Except for a few cars, there is nobody to be seen. There is such a peaceful quietness hanging in the air with the thunder trying to break through - trying to unsettle my nerves, but how could it?

It is the most beautiful music to me and I could listen to it all night.
This slightly melancholic, soft tune is too beautiful, the thunder too moving and still too calming to cause a feeling of uneasiness.

Oh, how this weather makes me want to wander through the dark halls and hidden paths of an old manor. How it encourages my curiosity, how it fires my imagination.

This is the perfect night and I wished it would never end.

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