Sunday, 27 July 2014

Appreciation Sunday #7

Thursday was the day to oppose my strongest enemy: Japanese translation exam.
Well, to be honest it was not as bad as I thought it would be, but it was stll something, that had occupied my mind for quite a few weeks. We has to prepare a translation of the "Tosa Nikki", which is a very old, very confusing text and another article, so actually not too much to prepare. However you never know what the prof will make of it.
Eventually everything went quite smoothly, so afterwards we went out for sushi, ice cream and beer (yay for a nice, cold Guinness). Even though the weather was not willing to cooperate with us all of us had a great time. It was actually kind of nice to socialize with all those people I had been seeing at uni for almost a year without really talking to them.

On Friday I took the train to Solingen to visit one of my best friends as it was her birthday. We went to the cinema to watch "How to train you dragon 2". It was a really good film. Compared to the first one it was a lot more mature and dramativ, but it kept it's humour, giving us plenty of opportunities for a good laugh. Ruffnut was just too hilarious! Likey!

However some might want to bring some tissues with them. I had a hard time fighting back the tears behind my 3D-glasses, while I heard some manly sniffles in the background.

I spent the night at my friends' house and it was was of those nights, when you are really tired, but once the lights go out you end up talking for hours anyway.
Because the weather was so good the next day we went for a long, long walk. We came across only a few people, so we were having a great time talking about this and that, fooling around like the little children we are inside of our hearts.
That moment, when you expect Mr. Darcy to show up
Greetings from the Bunny Man, I guess??

I hadn't seen her properly for a long time and in a weeks she will move to Munich. So, I was utterly glad that we had the chance to spend some time together.

Today consisted of cleaning up the apartment from top to bottom and eating brownies and I was also able to work on some posts, that will be coming your way. Pretty productive, right? *cough*

What are you grateful for this week?

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