Sunday, 20 July 2014

Appreciation Sunday #6

One of my major highlights was probably watching Hayao Miyazaki's supposedly last masterpiece "The wind rises" (風たちぬ). I was especially glad when I heard, that our cinema would show the film in Japanese with subtitles.
Compared to most of the other Ghibli-films it was a rather long one with a length of over two hours and I have to admit, that it was a bit lengthy at times. However the music and the beautiful animations made up for it. It is a quite mature film and less amusing than Ponyo for example, but it still captures so much of this well-known and loved Ghibli-charms. Also I have to say, that being German gave this film a very different feeling, because parts of it are set in Germany and one of the supporting characters is German (they even tried to incorporate the German language).
Overall I really enjoyed watching this film and to me it is a worthy closure for Hayao Miyazaki's series of memorable films. It might not be my favourite of the bunch (Howl's Mocing Castle all the waaaay!), but I will purchase it nonetheless.

Another favourite this week was discovering a new café in my hometown. The town where I come from is not one of the most exciting places I know and people rather prefer to leave than stay there. Things hardly change for the better until my mother and I found this new café called "Lax Legere". Being only two weeks old by now it has a very charming and cosy vintage feel to it.
Having Oscar Wilde as one of it's major themes is also a big plus point!
I really hope that this café will stay around for a long time, because it differs so much from the regular cafés in the area and it reminds me a lot of the cute places I saw in Korea.
PB&J-Sandwich at Lax Legere
Yesterday was my friends' birthday party with the theme "The 90's". While most of the girls opted for a tacky neon style, I was the only one who showed up in Doc Martens and a grungy attire, but it was so much fun to rummage through the old teenager-magazines while listening to the Backstreet Boys and the Cure. And of course we can't forget about the marshmallows!
Sadly the weather was so good, that it was too hot to dance. After just one song everyone was already exhausted to death!
Fortunately there was some rain today and the weather report announced rainy weather for the next few days, as well. Yay for me!
The calm before the rain
Until Thursday there is nothing left for me to do apart from working and studying for my exam. I hope there will be some rainy evenings in between to snuggle up on my couch and watch films.

What are you grateful for this week?

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