Sunday, 6 July 2014

Appreciation Sunday #4

Honestly? I can not believe, that this is already the fourth edition of my Appreciation Sunday. This year is slipping through my fingers way too fast. Eating cake at Paris Baguette to celebrate my birthday in the middle of a bustling metropole called Seoul feels like it was just last week, but it was already four months ago.
Where the hell does time go? 

But anyway, let's not waste any more of it by complaining about how we are getting old and time just flies.

This week was particularly special for me, because yesterday was actually my graduation ceremony. It was just a formal thing. All of us had already received our real diplomas, but this was just a fancy occasion for us students and our families to celebrate.
I even got to wear a cap and gown and a prussian blue sash. For many people this might not be too special, as it is the proper way to end up your university career all around the globe, but here in Germany things are quite different. We study for a few years until we are done and then we go to our examination office to pick up our degree - and that's it. You might want to do something nice with your loved ones afterwards, but the process itself is very dull.

That is why a professor at our university decided to change things up a little bit. That was just ten years ago and we are still quite special in this regard in our country.

So on Friday I went out to pick up my robe and the cap and when I put them on it really felt like something. Even though I am still at uni to do my master's degree, there was this feeling of achievement. I mean, it's just a bachelor's degree, but so what? It was still work!

It was a bit exhausting to sit there for more than two hours, listening to various speeches, but some of them were very witty and nicely presented. So, it was not as bad as I had initially thought it would be. 
However the most important thing is, that I will never forget how proud and happy my parents were this entire day, which was probably the best part about this day (right next to the amazing Japanese food).

My stepdad kept telling me the entire evening after the ceremony how proud he was and how much it meant to him, that I am his daughter, that he had the chance to see me grow up. He was quite sentimental, but there is also a considerable bit of alcohol to blame, but that's what happens when there is an occasion to celebrate.

Together with a friend of mine and her parents we went to a Japanese restaurant, ate lots of amazing dishes (Takoyaki, guys! Takoyaki!), chatted and laughed. It was the most wonderful day. After an exciting football match (Netherlands against Costa Rica), we made our way to my apartment. My parents slept in my bed and I slept on the couch. It was probably half past 1 a.m and all of us were tired as hell.

This Saturday was a rainy one. It was exhausting and a bit wearisome, but at the same time I felt so loved. I am blessed with a wonderful, supporting family and amazing friends. It is something I always knew, always appreciated, but sometimes it is good to feel it so directly in an almost overwhelming way.
And because I am missing the dogs so much: the only proper attire for a World Cup match

This week I am so thankful for too many things. I can not find the words to express my gratitude properly.

What are you thankful for this week?

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