Monday, 9 June 2014

Poppies and that little bit of Summer

Recently the sun has been very kind to all of those Summer-holics in my region.
Warm temperatures and less rain than usual giving us the rare chance to really enjoy this short period of carefree bliss.

While I am not one of these people love the Summer season there were some occasions, when I was very glad for all that sunshine (excluding the exhausting heat it accompanies).

Finally I was able to see our poppy field in its' full glory.
Poppy madness!

Finally I could spend the afternoon in the garden with delicious cherries, strawberries and a good book.
Just Jule enjoying Summer
 Finally I can sit on my balcony and write this post while my legs are trying to get a bit of colour.
Finally there was a chance to go for a long walk and discover some more of the beautiful area arond Bonn.
The view of Bonn from the top of the "Drachenfels"

To be honest I hate the heat in Summer, because it makes me feel so dizzy and run down, but it is not all bad.

Just a few hours ago it was raining cats and dogs and even hailing, but now I am sitting here on my balcony and for the first time this year I am actually enjoying it.
This picture does not do the rainy madness justice at all!

The only thing I am regretting right now is the fact that I did not shave my legs properly and now have to look a pair of pale, stubby legs desperate for this bit of Summer they call a tan.

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