Sunday, 22 June 2014

Appreciation Sunday #2

This week was mainly filled with watching football and birthdays (a friend of mine, my Grandpa and today my Grandma). So let's get crack-a-lackin' with my highlights!

Football Worldcup: Just like everyone else I am aware of all the scandals and discussions about the fifa and the football worldcup. Still, I was looking forward to it and on Monday was the first match of the German team. Well, what should I say? I was alone, I had a pizza, I had a blast. Especially the first half of the game made me celebrate so much and I loved how pissed Ronaldo was towards the end. Honestly, he deserved it.
Yesterday, we did not win against Ghana, but it as a great match and Ghana was an amazing opponent. Actually, we can be glad that it ended up as a draw.

Fighting the shyness and opening up: On Friday I was invited to a friend's birthday, but I dreaded going there. Even though I know most of the people who came we never really clicked. They are all very nice and fun, but I never felt like belonging to the group. So, I was a bit afraid of just sitting there without being able to talk to someone in a non-awkward way.
The first half of the party was indeed a bit uncomfortable for me, as I was unable to get out of my nutshell, but then I got involved into a passionate discussion with one of the girls about Assassin's Creed. Soon the conversation got a bit deeper. We talked about things which to me were a bit more personal - our dreams, travelling, just the things we really love.
It felt amazing to share our experiences and to open up a bit more.

Girly get-together: Last week I already mentioned this special friend of mine and what should I say? Tuesday was another one of these amazing days with her. We went to see "Maleficent", which really disappointed me despite the fact that Angelina Jolie was just perfect.
The good part started when we left the cinema, got us some pizza and watched "About Time" featuring the ever so gorgeous Rachel McAdams. It was my second time watching this film, but  it was a lot more comfortable compared to sitting on a plane feeling a bit sick and crying your heart out. Just the two of us enjoying the film, relaxing, eating pizza.
I simply can not stress enough the importance of these girly get-togethers.

Letting go: Remember when I whined over my old computer? Well, it has been sitting on my desk without being used for the past two months, but this week I finally managed to let go and pack it away. Now, my workspace looks cleaner and less crammed. I still feel a bit guilty, but well, you gotta go with the flow, don't ya?
Photo by Unsplash
Well, there were not any major happenings this week, but maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much. Sometimes you need a bit more time for yourself to refuel.

What are you grateful for this week?

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