Sunday, 15 June 2014

Appreciation Sunday #1

As a lot of you I am guilty of living for certain events. Whenever something great is coming up I tend to somehow "skip" the days that are in between. I do not really live or experience them. Instead I just rush through without even realizing all of those wonderful little things that occur to me.
I do not want to say something clichée like "Live every day as if it would be your last one", but I want to become more aware of my life.

So, I want to take this opportunity and sit down every Sunday to write down what I am grateful for this week.

Books: When I visited my parents this weekend, I found the books we read at school. I did not like all of them (Brave New World? One of my biggest literary traumas), but each of them is connected to memories of fellow students, teachers and everything a school life contains - good and bad. I took some of the books with me to skim through. Also, I was especially glad to fing "Le voyage d'Hector", a book my French teacher gave me at the end of our final year. I don't know why, but I never read it - well, until now. I have just started it and I am impressed about how much I actually understand. Guess all those years of learning French did not go to waste after all.

People: On Wednesday I had a badly needed relaxed evening with one of my best friends and it had everything a girly get-together has to have. Snacks, good laughs, girltalk and three episodes of Downton Abbey. Anything more you need? This evening made me realize again how grateful I am for having this wonderful girl in my life.

Freetime/university: This week I had a lot of time to relax, because all of my courses at uni were cancelled due to a national holiday. Also, I finally got all my grades for the last term and I have to admit that this is my best term so far. I am lazy, but not stupid. My grades were always about average, but never outstanding, but this term I somehow got the hang of it. Hell yeah!

Health: It is not the first time for me to say this, but the weatehr has been exceptionally kind to us Germans who never get to see much sunlight, but always hav to face tons of rainy days. But on Monday things changed drastically for a little while, when a hard storm hit my region. It was not as bad where I live, but in my hometown and the city where my stepdad works, shit really hit the fan (to put if bluntly): fallen trees, squashed cars and people who gut hurt.
Glady, nobody I know was affected, so

I am glad that my family and friends are okay.
The blue sky on our usual Sunday walk

What are you grateful for this week?

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