Sunday, 18 May 2014

Running as a state of mind?

"Running is freedom."
"Running is to get your head off of toxic thoughts."
"Running helps me to balance out my life and get moving."
"Running makes me happy."
"Run, bitch! Run!" (Photo by Unsplash)
In some way or another many of us might have come across people who have chosen running as a sort of religion. To them running is not just a way of exercising or losing weight. It is a constant part of their life an mind - their personal state of mind so to say.

I am not one of these people. Already in school I hated those sports lessons, when our teacher said: "Let's go outside." To go outside meant to run. One round after another and to me it meant seeing all of my classmates pass and eventually lapping me.

Because in all honesty, I am actually a turtle. I am slow and I do not like to move.

So, when I started to work out again on a regular basis I avoided the treadmill like the plague. It is the equivalent of pain, boredom, sweat and exhaustion. Instead I went for the elliptical, which after a year, turned out to be even more boring.

Then, a friend of mine, who often joins me in the gym and who does like to run (at least more than I do) made me curious again. I can't exactly say how she did it, but after a while I thought: "It has been some time since you tried it. You should go for it again." after all there is nothing to lose. Except for excess fat and some calories maybe?

First off, I can not say that I completely converted to this running religion, but something has definitely changed. I do not dread running as much as I used to. I actually start to enjoy to move without holding on to these bars like on the elliptical. There is a certain freedom to it. Also, I would say that I am more willing to put more energy into my workout by trying out different speed levels, or trying to run a further distance or a longer period of time.

However after ten minutes I am still asking myself the same questions:

"When will it be over?"
"How much longer will I have to do this?"
"What will I eat afterwards and which film will I watch?"
"And why is everyone faster than me??"

But I keep going. Of course my body gets tired, but after a certain time it doesn't seem to matter if I run 25, 20 or 30 minutes, because it stays at a tolerable level.

Yes, for a lot of people running is their way to move forward - mentally and physically and while I am convinced that I will never see it as my personal state of mind I start to see why it is just that for them.
On my way to freedom? (Photo by Unsplash)
To me running is to blast out to good music, sweat my ass off and yes, have this feeling of achievement, when I get off and feel my T-Shirt clingig to my body. I will look a freaking idiot, but at least a happy one.

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