Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Dressing up? Fuck it.

Recently I watched a video on why someone should always look his/her best.

Dressing up and putting some effort into yours looks is a sign that you value yourself and of course you do your environment a favour by not showing yourself in your oldest pair of jeans and trainers. Everyone appreciates someone who knows how to make a good impression.
In addition in a lot of cases people who look like they take good care of themselves and their looks are often regarded in a better light or just treated in a friendlier way than the slob from next door.

Personally, I can not deny that on days, when I feel a bit sluggish or simply not my best, a bright lip colour and a pretty dress have the power to immediately lift my spirits. Hence I feel a lot better, which can also be seen by everyone else I see that day.
This is the reason why I tend to wear a red lip on presentation days: it boosts my confidence by giving me a more sincere but sophisticated look.

However I also believe that getting up early in the morning in order to style your hair, put on your make-up and have discussions with yourself in front of the wardrobe for half an hour, is really not necessary. One should always dress according to his mood, even if this means that you just feel like wearing a pair of jeans and a hoodie.

Of course you have to look presentable when it comes to work or special occasions, but one should always be allowed to be a bit more laid back without feeling guilty about it. You do not need to put on make-up and curl your hair when you only have to do some grocery shopping or pick something up at the post office.

As long as you wear a friendly smile on your face, anything goes.

Some of you (some singles maybe?) might argue that you should always be prepared for running into a new potential partner. First impressions are never to be underestimated, but let's face it: men do not care as much about female looks as we might want them to. They do not care if your hair is straight or curly and mascara or a fancy pair of high heels is no big business for them.
And anyway, if he really wants to be with you, he will sooner or later have to see you in your "leisure day attire". If he doesn't like it, he's not worth it. Point.

So, if in the near future you are having a serious debate with yourself in the morning, because you just want to wear that Marvel-T-Shirt, but it looks somehow too casual and like you put no effort into your looks, screw it. Wear it anyway, if this is your first impulse.
We are not always in the mood for our Sunday attire and nobody should expect us to be.

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