Monday, 21 April 2014

Spring is in the Air

Today was the first Spring rain.
Well, had rained before this season, but this was the first real Spring rain. It is the kind of rain which leaves a warm feeling lingering in the air, once it is over. The rain itself is strong and heavy, but afterwards everything is calm. The sun is shining. And then there is this smell of wet grass and concrete.

Finally, after a few weeks of cold temperatures, windy days it feels like Spring is about to arrive. We already had a few very sunny and almost warm days and I had the chance to get my very first ice cream this year (however I can not believe that they want 1€ for just one ball, I still remember the times when I got two for this price. I guess time really does fly... or I'm just getting old.)

Isn't it funny how within a simple moment everything changes? Suddenly it is Spring, but just two days ago it was still Winter. It takes only a few changes of light, air and weather and it transforms your entire view on your surroundings.
From one moment to the next it is Spring.

The view on my way to work
To welcome one of my favourite seasons a friend make a trip to a nearby theme park called "Phantasialand". When I was a child I used to visit this park together with my mother and my grandparents, so a lot of great memories are connected to it. Over the years a lot of things have changed and a lot of the attractions I enjoyed as a child (and as a grown up) are gone now, which is really sad. But I guess, that children nowadays look out for other things.
Just a small glimpse of the "China Town" area
Because we went in the middle of the week, it was not very crowded and the longest time we had to wait was maybe 15 minutes. Despite the still pretty cold temperatures, we had an amazing day just letting out our inner child, taking one ride after another.

On another note, do you remember the last time I talked about my Sunday walks with the pugs? Well, last Sunday, my mother and I made another trip with the dogs and it was so much fun! It is amazing to see how green everything suddenly is. The whole world looks more alive and colourful

It makes me really glad, that Winter will be gone for the next few months, because even though I love the cold and melancholic atmosphere it creates, I actually started to dread the short days. They make me even more tired than I already am. Also, I was longing for the warmth of the sun, lighter jackets, ice cream and sitting outside without freezing.

So, welcome back, Spring. You have been greatly missed

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