Monday, 28 April 2014

A late night walk

It is late, very late at night and after staying at a friends' house for a few hours it is time to go home. A hearty hug, one last "See you soon!" and I am off.

The streets are empty. No cars, no sound, no people except for a few other occasional night owls who are on their way home like me. Normally when I am outside I like to listen to some music, to either shut the world out or to pretend I am in a film and this is my personal soundtrack.

But nights like this are different. They are quiet and peaceful and I like to keep them that way. Sometimes I can hear a car in the distant or a few birds just waking up.

I listen. I listen to this quietness and to my own thoughts rushing through my brain. They are memories of the great time I have had with my friends before, the laughs we shared. Most of the time they are very happy memories. However sometimes my mind gets stuck with thoughts about things that might have happened - or rather things that should have happened, because I wanted them to.
It is a tingling sensation in my stomach and my fingertips, a mixture of the fresh night air and quiet emotions.

At times I can still see the lights on in some of the apartments I come across and I wonder why these people are still awake. What are they doing? Are they having fun? What makes them unable to sleep?

When things are good you will most likely hear me whistle or sing a little song. It won't be loud, just a simple melody to enjoy myself.

I am not a loner, but I prefer to take these walks all by myself. They are my opportunity to get my head and mind free before I finally reach my doorstep. I feel light and refreshed.

The moment I fall into my bed and my head touches the big, comforting pillow, I can finally feel the weariness creeping up. After all, I have been awake for far to long. I close my eyes, take one last deep breath and fall asleep.

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