Sunday, 23 March 2014

MEAL PEEK: Fresh Salad meets Creamy Spinach Pasta

It is the end of the semester and I have only a few days left to finish my essays. Stress levels and tension are rising and the need for easy but satisyfing dishes is at its' peak. 
So, what better way is there to satisfy these needs than pasta and a big bowl of healthy salad?

Both dishes are easy to prepare, but give you the energy and comfort your brain and body need during stressful times. The pasta sauce is a wonderful symbiosis of spinach and mushrooms. Add some cream, salt pepper and garlic and you are good to go! If you want to go extra fancy add a bit of white wine.

Yummy! Mushrooms + spinach + pasta = Perfection!
 Just a piece of advice: Heat the mushrooms with butter instead of oil. I find that it gives them a more creamy, rich taste.

The salad is just your standard green salad with tomatoes, but this time I decided to give it a little bit of extra crunch by adding self made crôutons, which was maybe the best idea I've had for a long time.  Cut one or two slices of old bread into pieces and fry them in a pan with some oil until they get golden brown. Add some salt and use them to top off your salad.
It gives the salad an interesting warm crunch and makes it more filling.

As I have already stressed a couple of times I am not a great cook, so I do not think it is necessary to really post a lot of recipes of mine, but maybe these little glimpses into my daily "food-life" are still inspirational and useful for some of you.

And in general I don't think that you can ever go wrong with a bit of food porn.

Before I forget it: If you want to try out something else than your regular salad, try out this salasa recipe from "Bite these goodies":

 I made this salsa for work and everyone was quite impressed. It tastes very fresh and summery. You can also use this salsa to top off baguette as a nice alternative for bruschetta.

P.s. Once I am done with my work for university and my mind is less occupied I will tackle my guide for Seoul, but at the moment I simply can not find the time to write everything down.

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