Friday, 14 March 2014

Coming home

Before I leave my apartment to go on holiday, I usually like to give everything a very thorough clean up.
I take out the trash and throw or give away foods which will most likely expire during my absence.
I clean the bathroom and my little kitchen.
I put away all of my uni stuff, which always dominates a major area of my livingroom at the end of the semester.
And I try to make sure that nothing unnecessary lies around the apartment.

It is not one of my favourite activities, but I love that feeling, when you come home after a long time and everything is clean and welcoming.
This time, I hace to admit, I was not very thorough. I failed to throw away my cut flowers. So they greeted my together with my withered basil in a rather depressing way.And when I looked into the kitchen, there were some empty packages, but still, it felt amazing to be back home.

I arrived in Germany on the 11. of  March after a long, exhausting flight. The air on the plane was extremly dry, which is why my right contact lens dried out. I had to throw it away and transfer in Paris basically half blind (my glasses were in my suitcase). Also, I had been a little bit ill during the last days in Korea, which did not make this whole procedure easier.

However all of this was instantly forgotten when I saw my parents at the airport.
It was the day after my birthday and to my surprise my dad was there as well. I had expected my mum and stepdad to pick me up, but I was so glad to see my father as well. The last time I had seen him was on my grandma's funeral.

So, I spent the past two days at my parents' house, catching up on some family time, enjoying my mum's wonderful meals. She had even prepared a cake for me because of my birthday. And then there were of course our little pugs. I love it how they wiggle their little tails and how they run around me whenever I come home. No matter what might have happened before, this always makes me happy in the blink of an eye!

Even our little gentleman Paul (one of our cats) decided to join me in bed every morning to cuddle and relax together, a thing he hadn't done in quite a while. 

There were many little things that made me very grateful and happy to be back at home, even though I already miss Korea and travelling in general.

Today I finally had to return to Bonn, because there is still some university related work waiting for me. Being back in my little "fortress of safety" feels amazing, because at times I really missed having some me time. Travelling with friends is always fun, but of course I never really had the chance to be just by myself. Even at night, when I watched my youtube videos, there were always people around me.

During the next days I will try to recapitulate my journey and write my little "guide" for you.

Until then stay tuned and stay safe!

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