Wednesday, 19 February 2014


The summer of 2012 was the best summer of my life so far. 
It was the summer, which really unleashed my desire to travel

At Gyeongbokgung-Palace in Seoul (2012)
When I was little my parents used to take me on various trips to Portugal, Corfu, Mallorca and other places around Europe, so I have always enjoyed seeing something new, but none of these travels made me feel like there was this deep feeling of need for me to leave Germany every once in a while. However during the summer of 2012 I spent a whole month in Korea. It was a journey organized by my university which consisted of a three week culture and language program in Daegu at the Keimyung university, but my friends and I added another week to spend in Seoul. 
This whole trip was a wonderful mixture of so many things, I had never encoutered before in my life:

The sound of cicadas during the day, the smell of Samgyeopsal, the almost poetic composition of a perfect Patbingsu, the wonderful view from the mountaintop which took so much effort to reach in the hot humidity of a Korean summer and of course silly drinking games which a bunch of amazing friends

Just one out of many gorgeous shops and café in Seoul <3 br="">

Ever since that journey I have this inner desire to pack my things and jump into the next airplane. I want to see it all!
Places I have never seen before and also places I have already visited, just to unfold new secrets and see new sights. Korea made me realize how much I actually want to see the world with all the beautiful and sometimes strange aspects it has to offer.

One of my alltime favourites is probably London. I have been there four times by now, but it never fails me. To me it is one of those perfect destinations for a weekend-getaway (and great to stock up on DVDs). Wandering around the smaller streets, discovering new pubs and cafés and of course this glorious moment when you exit the tube at "Westminster":
You look up to the top of Big Ben and you know: "Yes, I'm here!"

Another favourite of mine is Paris. Well, isn't Paris everyone's favourite? Nibbling on a lemon macaron, marveling at the wonderful architecture and preferably enjoying the sun, while talking a walk along the Seine. Paris is everything the romantic girly-girl inside me screams for and once in a while everyone needs this kind magic, right?

To me traveling is so much more than just taking a break from your ordinary daylife.
Traveling means to indulge in something completely unkown and still having this feeling of total bliss.

The entrance of the Meiji-Shrine in Tokyo (2013)

I remember walking around Montmartre with a friend on a sunny spring day. We went into this tiny, crammed restaurant to eat our lunch. French chansons acompanied our little feast consisting of a perfect onion soup, salmon and a lovely piece of apple tart at the end. We had no hurry and just sat there enjoying our simple meal, laughing and watching the old lady who ran this restaurant. When we left, I felt the warm sunshine on my face and a satisfying feeling in my belly. It was perfection.

The view over Paris from Sacre-Coeur. It was the most beautiful spring day! (2012)

The other time, when we were in the gorgeous city of Edinburgh, we took a trip to Hopetoun House, a lovely little château nearby. On our way back it started to rain very, very badly. Once we arrived at the bus station we were soaked, but incedibly happy.
The wonderful castle of Edinburgh (2011)

Travelling means to let go - To let go of your worries, but also of your habits and the life you are used to.

The streets of Edinburgh
In a week from now I will be back in Seoul for two weeks. I really can not wait to pack my things and finally go. Since I took the plane back to Germany about one and a half years ago, I wanted to return to Korea and now it is not even a whole week until the wait is over. Finally!

The great Buddha in Kamakura (2013)

Yes, I am infected and I hope, that it will never go away.


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