Monday, 10 February 2014

MEAL PEEK: Fried Kohlrabi and salad

Yes, I should be studying.

I should be studying at this very moment for the exam I am about to write in two days.
However what better way is there to procrastinate than eating and later on talking/writing about your food?
So, this is what I am doing right now.
Screw you Japanese translation and leave me alone in my wonderful wonderland of food and games!

Anyway, this is what I had for dinner not ten minutes ago: 

Sooooo healthy! .... Well, actually not.
 On the left you can see a sliced up kohlrabi root which I coated with Panko. Then I fried it in the pan. To me this is a great substitute for pasta or meat, because it is warm and filling. And yes, I patted these little babies dry with a kitchen roll, 'cause you do not want any excess fat on your kohlrabi roots, do you? We are healthy like that, hell yeah!

On the right is my "alibi-salad" - just your standard green salad with some tomatoes and a simple dressing (oil, balsamic vingear, honey, salt, pepper, garlic, and fresh herbs). "Lovely!" (as Jamie Oliver would say)

The thing is, that I rarely just eat a salad all by itself. On all the fitness blogs and tumblrs I see people posting pictures of their huge salad bowls filled with healthy goodness, seeds, veggies and stuff, but you know what? This. does. nothing. for. me.
Sometimes a nice, fresh salad is great, but it does not satisfy my cravings for something warm - which is why I paired it up with my fried kohlrabi root this time - Just to give me the feeling of having done something good for my body by rejecting my usual pasta meal without any vegetables.

Do you see this crust? 'S wonderful!
And yes, I ate all of it. I ate it all by myself and there is nothing left. 

But still I already see myself returning to the kitchen in about an hour to grab something sweet.
Well, what can I do? I am just a sweet-tooth and do not judge me!

I know would do the same.

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