Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Pugly Sunday Walk on a Sunny Friday

 After more than two weeks without updates, I felt the need to drop my recently kind of negative attitude and concentrate on the other aspects of life, which are a bit more enjoyable than worrying about unrequited feelings. The phase of drowning myself in my own puddle of self-pity is officially over!

So, this is why I want to introduce you to one of my favourite parts of the week.
Nearly every week I drive to my parents' house to spend the weekend of them and usually on Sunday my mum and I go for a walk with the pugs.
As a kid I used to despite long walks, but now I really enjoy them. Maybe because everything is better with a pug?

This weekend I took the dogs out by myself, because my mum had to work. The weather was just too nice to stay at home. We went to a huge field, which is about a ten minutes walk away from our house. But to start off, these will be our companions throughout this entry. May I present? Lotte (left) and Jule (right), our pugs:

You will most certainly be able to spot them in a few photos. Can you catch them all?
Lotte is a very kind dog and easy to walk, but Jule is still very young and quite lively, as you can tell from that provoking look on her face. She is just one year old and runs after everything she spots: birds, bikes, cars, other dogs... well, the list is endless and on that day we were especially unfortunate. Why the hell, does the entire city decide to ride their bikes on a Friday at noon... in the winter? Welll, maybe because it was nearly 10°C, but still. Why??

Once we left all the bikes and other hazards behind us, I could let the two off the leash and we took a wuite narrow path next to the field. This one is quite nice in the summer, because the trees keep the hot sun away and all these little bushes shield you from the view of other people, who take the paved path on the left.
The field we are about to walk through is one the left side

The pugs enjoying their short-lived freedom
Once we arrived at the end of this little secret path, we walked our way through the fields. In the summer they are wonderfully green with man high maizes, potatoes and other vegetables. Right now they look a bit bald and not very exciting at all, but they are a great route to walk nonetheless. 

Dogs just being dogs... sniffing their way through the fields!
a beautiful cloudy sky and green grass - the sparse trees on the left mark the path we took before   
Many people use these fields to let their dogs run and let them play with each other. Jule always runs towards them barking like a mad man, but hardly anyone is ever really impressed by her.
After a generous round through the fields, our way leads towards a little cemetery.
A pugly photobombing by Jule on our way to the cemetery
My mum and I, we love cemeteries, especially very old ones. Our cemetery has only quite recent grraves, starting from the 1970's. It might not the proper way to behave at a place like that, but we always look for funny names on the tombstones, but I also like to imagine these people's lifes, depeding on the time they were born, their age of death and their names. 

These little graves are for urns and quite new compared to the others

all these colourful  flowers really look like spring, if only the trees were a bit less bald....
At this part of our journey, Lotte is usually already a bit tired, because she is not as energetic as Jule. She keeps just standing still, looking at you in the most accusing manner, but what shall one do? We have to go home, sooner or later. 

Once we arrive home, usually between one and a half or two hours are gone. The pugs are tired, but happy and so am I. On that weekend, I got the chance to make a second round with my mum on Saturday before I had to return to Bonn and I am already looking forward to the next weekend. 
I am truly glad, that we still have so much nature to explore around us and an opportunity for the dogs to run around freely, because let's face it:
If a pug does not get enough exercise, it will roll around your house one day and smash you.

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