Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Dreamer's Daydream

Sometimes there are those days, when you do not want to get up.
Maybe there is something dreadful ahead of you during the day – school, work, the dentist.
However once in a while you just lay there, curling up again under your blanket after turning off the alarm. It is an ordinary day, nothing dreadful, nothing horrible, but still. You do not want to get up anyway.

Maybe it is because of this wonderful dream you had last night. You want to close your eyes and return to this wonderful fantasy, but you can not. It is either impossible for you to fall asleep again or times does not allow it.
What was this dream about anyway? The only thing that is left is this feeling of warmth and comfort. So, you assume it must have been something really good.
Possibly it was a memory or even a wish come true.

But time goes on and so you get up. You go to school, do your work and live your dull daily life.
From time to time your minds starts to wander, trying to continue that dream you can not forget – or at least the feeling of it.
How will it end? How do you want it to end?

Sadly you have to focus on your real life again, but at the end of the day you are finally at home. You go to bed and once you rest comfortably and the lights are off, your thoughts start strolling around again.
You close your eyes, imagining all the things you want to dream of tonight.
Maybe you remember a kiss you would like to experience again or a person you want to see again. It is an endless row of all the feelings you want to feel again.

Eventually you will fall asleep.
You wake up the next morning and there is this strange feeling again. As soon as your feet touch the ground you are already looking forward to falling asleep again.
Because sometimes even a nice daydream can not replace the magic of a real dream.

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