Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The sweet 'n' salty thing & my praliné mishap

Christmas is the time to indulge in your favourite meals and candys, no matter how unhealthy they may be. And Christmas is the time for me throw all the resolutions I made concerning a healthy lifestyle overboard for the sake of feasting myself.
However, whenever I watch a 'healthy snack video' or read a blog post about this topic, there is this one combination which crosses my way over and over again:

A random fruit (preferably apples or bananas) + peanut butter

Well, I do not habe any regrets, when I let go of all my good intentions during the holidays, but replacing my chocolate and cookies with something „healthy“ does not seem too bad either.
To many people, this combination might not be that uncommon and maybe I am the only person in the world who finds this a strange mixture, but I still can not imagine those two worlds together. So, this evening I made the test and sliced up an apple to dip it into my newly bought peanut butter.

The result: It is actually not that bad! There is this freshness of the apple and then the creamy texture of the peanut butter, which is quite nice. I thought, that the peanut butter would have a very dominant taste, but it does not (but maybe it depends on the brand). You actually have this nutty, salty flavour rather at the end, so it does not collide with the apple too much.
Nevertheless there is one thing I have to admit: it was not enough to satisfy my cravings completely. I still feel like I want a little bit more of something.
Something less healthy.

The reason why I made this „culinary experiment“ in the first place was this recipe with peanut butter, that I wanted to try out:

I love „bite these goodies“, because the recipes are often quite easy to make, but still offer a different twist to a sometimes classic dish. This whole sweet and salty thing is still new to me, but I immediately thought, that these pralinés might be nice.

First off: They really taste amazing! But there is one downside to it: I still failed miserably!
Because I am a stupid European who was not able to convert cups into grams the right way.

=> too many pretzels, not enough peanut butter and sticky fingers.

I mean, look at these pretty, little babies on the site! They are bitesized little wonders! Beautiful and even on the outside and smooth and slightly crunchy on the inside and now look at what I (the genius) came up with:

What the hell are these monsters?? It was a real pain in the ass to form little balls with my mixture. So I ended up with huge chunks of peanut butter pretzels.
Because of the warmth of my fingers the peanut butter became runny and prefered to stick to my fingers or make my chunks fall apart instead of sticking them together.

After more about forty pretzel-chunks, I still have about half of the mixture left. Maybe I will use it up tomorrow. 

 This whole experience makes me feel very incapable and incompetent. Why else would someone assume, that he needs more pretzels than peanut butter? Because, hey! The more pretzels I have, the better!
No! This is definitely not the case.
Please do not get me wrong, I do not want to bash on this wonderful recipe. The overall taste of the „pralinés“ is very good and if I had looked at the pictures properly and done a better job at converting the measurements, everything would be perfectly fine.

Anyway, the moral of this story is as it follows:

Always check the instructions properly and always try something new!

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