Sunday, 1 December 2013

Small boobs -and why you should embrace them

Maybe this is something most of you already know, but:

Boobs are not everything guys are looking for in a girl.

Well, at least if their character is just half as agreeable as they should be. This boobie-thing has been one of the most common prejudices of dating-history, but every once in a while I think people should be reminded of the fact, that boobies are not everything.
I can see why guys like them. They are soft and round and feel nice to touch, but they are also the cause for a lot of trouble and by trouble I mean „mind-trouble“ for women all over the planet. For generations girls and also women have been worrying if their boobies are too small for a man to be appealing, but honestly?

As soon as the sexy-time arrives, he will not care as much about the size of your boobs, as you think he would – if he is not a total dick. I can understand that women who are really troubled do not find this information very helpful, but I still want to raise awareness.

Small boobs are wonderful!

Being quite flat chested myself, I have never seen them as some kind of handicap, when it comes to hunting for guys in the wild prairie. My body is very petite, so big boobs would look weird on me anyway, but in my opinion they have so many advantages compared to bigger bra buddies.

First of all they give you a lot more freedom. For example, when I wear a hoodie, with a top underneath, I do not even have to wear a bra to keep everything in place or to hide my nipples.
The feeling of removing your bra after a long, exhausting day is wonderful, but to me it is good to know, that I do not always have to rely on a bra.

Also, when going clubbing and I want to wear a top without wanting to reveal my bra straps, it is alright to just wear a light bandeau underneath. I always ask myself how girls with a more generous balcony manage this. Any ideas?

Another pro is the almighty force of gravity, which pulls everything down. A bra supports your boobs, so they do not sag or wiggle around your ears, which gets more important the older you get. Sooner or later gravity will do its' evil work and pull these babies down. As a matter of fact women with bigger boobs are prone to this before we small chested women do.

Ergo, even when your face starts to wrinkle, your boobs might still be quite firm and lovely.

And talking about the movements of the boobs:
Actually sometimes I do feel that they exist. During sports or walking and they just annoy me – they way I feel them moving up and down. Another reason for me to prefer mine small and compact.

All of this might not be enough to make everyone who has a small chest embrace this trait. Women will always worry about the way they look. It does not even have to be the chest area. There are so many things about oneself to feel insecure about.

At least, this is what we think.

People love you just the way you are and this is why there is actually just one thing you have to work on:

Your mind.

Start to love yourself the way you are and people with appreciate you even more. Your life will become so much more relaxed. Do not be so tense about your boobs, or your thighs or your nose. Embrace them and find someone who embraces you just the way you deserve it.

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