Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The comfort of isolation

Ever since I was a child I enjoyed the comfort of being at home – alone. Of course, as a human being, social interaction is indispensable. Sharing and creating memories with your loved ones is a wonderful aspect of life. But still, there are people who gain their strength and inner balance not from social interaction, but from being all by themselves.
Well yes, I am one of them. To me, there is nothing as relaxing as spending an entire day (or in my case night, because I am a nightowl) all alone just watching a nice film, eating a lot and exploring the wonders (or mainly abysses) of the internet. To a „properly socialised“ human being this might seem very dull and unproductive. While the last point is definitely true, there is just one thing I can say:

Dude, this is how I roll!

And I am sure that there are many other people like me out there.
I enjoy my precious me-time a lot, but it does not mean that I despise being around other people. Just like everyone else I enjoy spending days with my friends. The thing is just, that my „recovery time“ afterwards is a bit longer.

This „recovery time“ is what my body and mind need to calm down and focus on other aspects of life. This whole process is not about being selfish or self-centered, but about doing what feels good for you, so your mind stays sane. You do not want to go on everybodys' nerves by becoming all ill-tempered and a real drag.

On a sidenote I have to say, that I am very lucky to have friends who respect this part of my character and who accept it, that sometimes I simply do not want to be available. And on certain days it can be a lot more relaxing to lay on the couch all day, watch „Pride and Prejudice“ and eat a wonderful self-made happy meal, than to run around town and interact.

Especially now, that I am living alone I really started to appreciate my appartment as a shelter. A shelter where nothing can disturb me and where I find everything that my heart desires. And sometimes I even invite someone over to enjoy this little sanctuary of mine together and of course create new memories.

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