Friday, 25 October 2013

Work Life Balance - Ain't noboy got time for that??

During my studies at university I often came across the term „Work Life Balance“, mainly because the Japanese people seem to have problems with finding the right amount of work and freetime. They work long hours every day to return to their homes in the evenings, get up early in the morning and restart the same process.
The obvious problem seems to be that the Japanese struggle with finding their „Work Life Balance“, because there is too much work in the way.

Well, some people struggle because there is too much life.

It might come as a surprise to you, but I am one of those people and every semester after two months of vacation getting back on track with uni is a horrible process.
Of course, it is hard to study again after two months of doing nothing, but working and apart from that doing everything you like. Everything except for studying.

Sadly I tend to forget basically everything I had learned during the term with the result that I have to start from scratch. Always.

Maybe everything could be easier if I sat down and made a plan. Just like I organize my appointments and meetings, I should plan my university life. A few little tasks every day, so that the stuff to does not pile up over weeks of procrastinating, leaving me in the desperate mood to jump out of the window.

Why this sudden moment of enlightment after 3 years of repeating the vicious procastinating circle?

Well, now that I started my masters degree a week ago, I noticed that there is more work to do than ever. It is not just learning vocabulary and grammar from time to time and preparing maybe 2 presentations.
No, there is way too much reading to do, 5 presentations to prepare and about ten pages to translate every week and finally a part time job.

To sum up: Work is taking over my life.

My precious little life of staying up late and playing video games, reading, wasting my time in front of the computer and meeting my friends.

Of course it could be destinys' revenge for these 3 years of slacking off.
It most certainly is.

So, now I made a (for me) very serious decision:
I want to grow up.
At least a little bit and organize my work and my life to a healthy balanced unit.

But honestly?
People make so many plans in life and so do I.
In the end we often screw it up.
I screw it up.

I mean, ain't nobody got time for that??

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