Friday, 18 October 2013

The Secret Single Behaviour

I have been ill this whole damn week and sometimes there is nothing else to do, than call your workplace and
stay at home to just relax and let your immune system do its' work.
That is what I had to do this Wednesday.
So, I spent the entire day laying on the sofa, drinking tea and watching films. Finally I ended up watching one of my favourite TV shows of all time: Sex and the City.

At one point Carrie talks about the so called „Secret Single Behaviour“ (SSB). While Charlotte claims to enjoy examining her pores in a magnifying mirror for hours, Carrie likes to read fashion magazines in the kitchen. Standing. Why? Because she can.
Naturally everyone has got these little pleasures. These little things in life, which only belong to you. People neither have to know about them, nor do they have to participate. It is something you can enjoy when you are just by yourself.

I think it is now time to admit, that I have spent most of my life alone so far. Being 22 years old, I have barely spent 3 months in a relationship. Hence I had a lot of time to develop my own Secret Single Behaviour(s).

One of them might be a bit inappropriate to talk about, but honestly? I can not be the only one who does it.
Next to my toilet in my teeny tiny bathroom usually lies a pile of fashion magazines and books. The books are never real novels, just easy reads with short passages. You can open these books at any page, read a few paragraphes and then put it back. I think you already guessed the purpose of my little reading collection and yes, I like to keep myself entertained while.. you know, doing my thing. And by thing I do not mean washing my hair of brushing my teeth.
Because of that I often spend more time than necessary in the bathroom, but who cares? There is no one, who will knock at the door and shout something like:

„Come out already! The chili is killing me!“

Just on a side note: I do not even have to shut the door.

Another SSB of mine is more ordinary. I love to sing. In the car. Loudly. And if I say loudly, I mean it. That is why I prefer driving alone. This is my chance to basically let everything out, no matter what my voice sounds like. It is just me having fun with my favourite songs. Nobody can interrupt me or intimidate me (because sometimes it can be pain in the ass to have friends, who have awesome singing voices).

Let everything loose!

I think this is, what SSBs are all about. They are your little islands of comfort where you can be yourself and do whatever comes into your head. They do not have to have a certain purpose, because nobody will question them. If it makes you feel good about yourself, go for it!
Sometimes I like to do a little bit of yoga in the middle of the night and why the hell should I not do it? If my body and mind tell me, that it will be good for me, I have to follow, do I not?

That is why I encourage everyone out there to treasure and cultivate your SSBs.
Even if you are not single anymore, it does not matter. You might appreciate them even more, than the forever-alone-single-ladies like me who can indulge in them every day.
Sometimes when you are alone, a thick layer of handcreme, a pair of gloves and infomercials are everything you need.

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