Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The motion picture in my head

Yesterday I watched the film „500 days of Summer“ with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the first time. Apart from the fact that this whole film was so beautiful to watch, there was one scene in particular, which stayed in my mind:

Towards the end of the film Summer invites Tom to party at her appartment. You can see a split screen, one half showing Tom's expectations and hopes for this evening and the other one showing the reality. Of course in Tom's fantasy everything goes smoothly and you feel instantly happy for him.
However, as soon as you look at the other part of the screen, you start shivering.
This feeling of happiness instantly fades away. What stays is a disillusionment.
Life is not 'la vie en rose'.

There are only a few, small differences between the screens:
A hug, a glance, a few words
But these small changes make the gap between the two screens even bigger, leaving you with discomfort.

Why this scene affected me so much?
Well, the thing is that I am a great daydreamer, like probably most of us are.
Before I meet 'someone' (and by 'someone' I mean the person I like), I imagine the whole situation in my head.
It becomes my own little, perfect motion picture:

„Ladies and Gentleman, enjoy this romantic comedy full of exciting twists and a charming couple, that will take your heart by storm!“

Everything is perfect:
The hug at the beginning, the shy glances and some ambiguous remarks in between and at the end there is a hollywood kiss.

In reality this whole affair is completely different:
A hug? Yes, but it feels a bit stiff.
There is no romantic sizzling in the air and certainly there is no kiss at the end.

Of course, I prefer the version in my head, but like every film, the realisation is quite an obstacle. You need a proper setting and a good timing and both of which are a hassle to organize.

Until then I will just stick with the motion pictures in my head and pretend that life is indeed 'la vie en rose'.
At least until reality strikes again.

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