Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Moving out - and moving on

For the past three years I've been sharing an appartment with two dear friends.
However two months from now everything will be over, because people change and so do their plans for life.
That's why I'm the only one who will stay - the one who will stay in a city I now call my home.
I still remember the time I used to call it plainly "the city where I live", but not anymore.
Now, I can truly consider it as my home.

Still, I have to leave this appartment I'm sitting in right now, writing this text, to make a new beginning.
A new beginning with  my own little space. Why?
Because  there will actually be just me and nobody else.
Finally talking and singing to myself will make sense. Meanwhile there will be these bittersweet memories.

I will remember complaining about the bad air, because nobody opened a single window, while I had been gone.
I will remember complaning about the crumbs of toast nobody cleaned away after breakfast.
I will remember complaining about many other carelessnesses, because that's what people do.

But I know, that these memories will slowly fade away - one by one until everything that remains, is a smile.
A smile, because I remember our deep, intellectual discussions in the middle of the night, citing at least eight of our favourite films in one go.
A smile, because I remember baking christmas cookies together while listening to ye olde christmas classics.
A smile, because I know that they had probably been the best flatmates for me in the entire world.

Okay, maybe things are getting a bit overly sentimental right now, but what I want to say is:

Moving out means to move on, but still keep your precious memories inside, while adding new ones to them day by day.

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